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Produced by Orbita Max, the MYSTERY OF THE NILE music soundtrack is available as a Spanish import from online merchant CD Baby.

The score for MYSTERY OF THE NILE was inspired by the indigenous music of the people that live along the Nile. With its rich history the area includes a unique combination of African and Middle Eastern styles.

David Giro and Steve Wood included a wide variety of musicians to help bring the many sounds of the region, including singers and instrumentalists, to the IMAX® viewer.

As the journey progresses you will hear music of Ethiopia performed by such noted musicians as Guadeneh Gezachew, Kirubel Kebede along with members of his contemporary Ethiopian group Lasta Sound. Next as the expedition crosses into Sudan you will be treated to the beautiful voice of Sudanese singing star Rasha. Finally as the crew passes through Egypt you will hear noted Middle Eastern musician Ali Jihad Racy along with Souhail Kaspar on percussion and the singing of Ahmed El-Asmer and Woroud Antabil.

David Giro

David Giró (Spain, 1974) began his music studies at the age of 6. After finishing his image and sound studies in 1992, he starts working as a sound technician at the Classic & New studios collaborating in projects such as the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. He soon starts composing jingles and in 2001 he becomes the music studio manager for Classic & New Madrid. In 2001 he joins DUY Studios. And in mid 2001 he decides to become a freelance musician. Since then, he has been composing music for documentaries, commercials, radio and television. With MYSTERY OF THE NILE he signs his first LF film soundtrack, a creative mix of African and Arabic sounds that blends modern and tribal instruments for a highly creative and dynamic result. Giro also teaches music classes in different universities in Barcelona, Spain.

Steve Wood

Steve Wood has been scoring films with Greg MacGillivray since Greg's surfing cult classic Five Summer Stories in 1975. Since then, he has worked on 16 IMAX® films. Steve worked with Sting on both The Living Sea and Dolphins, with George Harrison on Everest, the Moody Blues on Journey Into Amazing Caves, Lindsay Buckingham on Adventures in Wild California and Crosby Stills and Nash on Coral Reef Adventure. He has won numerous awards for his work.

Wood was Kenny Loggins' musical director for 9 years and has written many songs with Loggins including "If You Believe." He composed the instrumental interludes for Loggins' "Return to Pooh Corner." He has played with artists such as The Pointer Sisters, Michael McDonald, David Crosby, and Graham Nash. Woods' music has also appeared in other films such as Why Me? starring Christopher Lloyd, Boiling Point starring Wesley Snipes and Dennis Hopper, and Greedy starring Kirk Douglas. He also worked with Stevie Wonder on a Clio-award winning television spot for Hansen's Soda.

Scoring giant screen films has allowed Wood to develop his interest in and knowledge of diverse ethnic music including Indonesian, Caribbean, Chinese, Tibetan, South American, African, Middle Eastern and Irish styles. He has also recorded folk music in Fijian locations. For the last several years Steve has been producing music extensively for Sony Classical including 2 CDs of music with Mario Frangoulis and a Cd with opera legends Salvatore Licitra and Marcelo Alverez.

Philarmonic of Prague

Rasha Shekheldin
Ahmed El-Asmen
Waroud Antibel
Aziz Faye
Aiaddin A. Elfaki
Tsegaye B. Selassie

Helena Guilera
Mònica Guilera

Emili Alquezar
Daniel May
Kirubel Assefa
Jessie Alvarado
Juraj Durovic


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