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“EXPEDITION OF THE YEAR AWARD” PRESENTED TO MYSTERY OF THE NILE EXPLORERS PASQUALE SCATURRO AND GORDON BROWN. (June 8, 2005) A prestigious panel of editors from high profile outdoor publications awarded Pasquale Scaturro and Gordon Brown the first ever “Expedition of the Year Award.” The award recognized the team’s historic expedition to navigate the Blue Nile and Nile River from source to sea while filming the giant screen film Mystery of the Nile. MORE

Critical Acclaim for Mystery of the Nile. (March 16, 2005) Critics from far and wide extol the virtues of the giant screen film, Mystery of the Nile, and its companion book by the same name. MORE

(February 18, 2005) MacGillivray Freeman Films will release MYSTERY OF THE NILE, the epic story of one of the greatest expeditions in modern times, to select IMAX® theatres and large format cinemas beginning February 18. This highly anticipated international co-production from Barcelona-based Orbita Max and two-time Oscar®-nominated filmmakers MacGillivray Freeman Films (producers of the blockbuster adventure film EVEREST) combines stunning giant screen cinematography with the breathtaking story of the first-ever complete descent of the world’s deadliest river—the Blue Nile. MORE

MFF Announces Major Tie-In Book and Promotional Partners for "Mystery of the Nile". (September 15, 2005) MacGillivray Freeman Films and Orbita Max announced at last week’s Giant Screen Theater Association conference in Montreal that they will be partnering with major New York-based publisher G.P. Putnam’s Sons, a division of Penguin Group (USA), to release a tie-in book featuring a personal account of the historic Blue Nile expedition authored by expedition leader and film star Pasquale Scaturro and award-winning writer Richard Bangs. MORE

MFF-Sponsored Expedition First In History To Complete Full Descent of Nile River From Source To Sea. (April 28, 2004) Explorers Survived Crocodile Attacks, Gunfire from Bandits, Capsizes in Rapids, Military Arrests, and Sandstorms on Their Quest To Descend the Nile; Epic Adventure to be the Focus of a Documentary Film For IMAX® Theaters. MORE

MYSTERY OF THE NILE (January 18, 2005) is a breathtaking cinematic adventure that takes audiences on an expedition down the world’s greatest and most deadly river, the Blue Nile. For 114 days, a team of explorers led by Pasquale Scaturro and Gordon Brown face seemingly insurmountable challenges—class VI rapids MORE

El Misterio del Nilo es una aventura cinematográfica que transporta a la audiencia a una expedición por las aguas del mayor y más peligroso de los ríos, el Nilo Azul. Durante 114 días, un equipo de exploradores liderados por Pasquale Scaturro y Gordon Brown deben enfrentarse a retos que parecen insuperables: rápidos MAS

El Misterio del Nilo es el primer largometraje en gran formato IMAX® producido por una empresa española, Órbita Max. Los coproductores han sido MacGillivray Freeman Films, compañía reconocida internacionalmente por documentales en formato IMAX® como Everest, Dolphins, Coral Reef Adventure, etc... MAS


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