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THE MYSTERY OF THE NILE Educator's Guide, coupled with seeing the film, offers educators a powerful teaching tool that is easily integrated into existing curriculum. Download this PDF and learn more about the history of the Nile; participate in classroom or family activities; and discover fun facts and recommended resources.
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FACT SHEET: MYSTERY OF THE NILE is a breathtaking new cinematic adventure documenting one of the greatest expeditions in modern times—the first full descent of the world’s greatest and deadliest river... MORE

A Brief History of Nile Exploration: MYSTERY OF THE NILE captures the epic story of the team that became the first ever to navigate the waters of the Blue Nile from source to sea. But how is it that this “last of the great firsts” took so long to finally be accomplished? MORE

Threats To The Nile’s Future: Beyond the sheer adventure of MYSTERY OF THE NILE lies an important mission for the film: to bring the world’s attention not only to this spectacular river’s storied history but its uncertain future. As the expedition’s rafts rush down the Blue Nile, the team members collect water samples and note signs of environmental change to better understand the threats facing the region MORE

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